About Adiel (“Dr. T”) Tel-Oren

Adiel (“Dr. T”) Tel-Oren, MD, DC, LN, DACBN, DABFM, DABOM, CCN, FABDA, DABCT(c) (licensure information below)

Holistic Scientist

Dr. T educates doctors and the public about nutritional and environmental medicine, functional medicine (science-based holistic approaches to diagnosis and therapy), and disease prevention via truly natural lifestyle and dietary modification.

Medical Doctor

Dr.T, a Medical Doctor trained in Europe and the USA (licensed in Europe), is board-certified with the American Board of Oxidative Medicine, with the American Clinical Board of Nutrition, and a candidate with the American Board of Chelation Therapy.


  • He is a Professor & Certified Clinical Nutritionist with the Clinical Nutrition Board of the International and American Association of Clinical Nutritionists;
  • A Doctor of Chiropractic*
  • A Licensed Nutritionist (Minnesota);
  • A a Fellow of the American Board of Disability Analysts; and
    A member of the ACA Council on Nutrition.
  • He is President Emeritus of the University of Natural Medicine (Santa Fe, New Mexico), where he is Dean of Medical Sciences and Professor of Functional and Nutritional Medicine.

Founder and President of FDH Foundation

Promoting cutting-edge scientific knowledge and technologies that empower people to prevent and reverse disease and certifying Biological Dentists (www.BioDentist.org).


  • Electro-Magnetic Pollution Remediators, and Health & Nutrition Coaches (www.NutritionHealthCoach.com) locally and internationally;
  • Integrated Healthcare Clinics (1994-2000) – www.integratedHealthCare.org – the first multi-disciplinary, multi-practitioner clinic integrating holistic and allopathic medical services under one roof; and
  • Ecopolitan (2001) – the first sustainable, ecologically-sound non-profit restaurant offering 100% organic vegan uncooked cuisine, Wine & Juice Bar, Oxygen, Infrared Sauna, detoxification & healing “hostel”, Educational Community Center, and an Eco-Shop – selling non-toxic natural home and body products, professional supplements, and packaged and bulk raw foods.
  • Dr. T promotes “EcoRaw Living” as a model for optimal cellular health and the principles of sustainability.

He provides online nutritional advice and Lab Tests for most health challenges, and sees patients when possible, releasing them rapidly into independent self-care by utilizing resources from Ecopolitan (CD’s, DVD’s, lectures, food preparation classes, seminars, foraging trips, eco-adventures, CSA, and treatment modalities).

He consults with patients internationally during his many lecture trips or via phone & Internet. Dr. T has consulted for various commercial, military, government, and community organizations, and is writing books and producing CD’s of his popular ‘Ask Dr. T’TM lecture topics at Ecopolitan.

He has created Mexican Anti-Aging Retreats with a permanent non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedure (www.novadermy.com).

Dr. T’s non-profit activities include organizing and guiding humanitarian Community Eco-Tourism Treks in Nepal; co-founding and consulting CCODER Nepal Community Health Plan (www.ccoder.org), which benefits 200,000 Nepali people; Creating non-profit Functional Medicine Centers in foreign countries; offering free wilderness medicine in remote, impoverished areas; serving on Boards of non-profits & cooperatives; creating healing and education eco-retreats in Minnesota, Nepal, Wisconsin, and Thailand; founding America’s first urban Eco-Spa (www.RawBeautySpa.com) and Eco-Hostel; appearing on radio and TV shows; and lecturing internationally on medical, environmental, and nutritional topics to doctors, nurses, and lay people.

Previously, Dr. T served 5 years in military intelligence; obtained his Bachelor of Music (highest honors); completed professional requirements for a Master in Conducting; conducted & performed internationally as soloist and with vocal and instrumental groups on various musical instruments; taught many instruments, music theory & harmony, and other topics (history, Hebrew, bible) in schools and universities. He has owned and managed real estate properties and businesses in several countries on four continents.

Dr. T received his MD degree from the prestigious Russian State Medical University (3rd prize winner of the UNESCO competition of medical schools, ahead of famous universities such as Oxford and Cambridge) and completed clinical rotations at several hospitals and clinics in the USA in addition to the many University hospitals and forensic medicine centers in Moscow. Therefore, he has received medical training more versatile than most MDs educated in the USA. He is licensed to practice medicine in most European and Asian countries. Under his nutritional license he can focus on his chosen fields of holistic scientific medicine, including comprehensive nutritional, anti-aging, environmental, preventive & functional medicine, effective functional laboratory tests, consulting, research, writing, and lecturing.

Dr. T’s approach to patient care relies on science-based education and nutritional therapy utilizing advanced functional laboratory tests (assessing the potential causes and process of disease) needed to enhance health, support anti-disease processes, or prevent disease progression; to predict individual susceptibility to various disorders; and to enhance productive longevity. This leads to individualized nutritional and functional therapy. The patient must take responsibility for their own health, and therefore becomes less dependent on doctors (holistic or allopathic) except for occasional lab or clinical monitoring. This type of care is more effective and less costly or risky. Dr. T works with patients who experience fatigue, fibromyalgia, cancer, viral-bacterial-yeast-parasitic infections (herpes, Lyme, Candida), cardiovascular illnesses, diabetes, weight gain, OBGYN issues, Detoxification, chronic inflammatory conditions, depression, anxiety, cognitive dysfunction (loss of memory, focus, etc.), genetic – genomic susceptibilities to toxins, developmental spectrum (ADD/ADHD/PDD/Autism) & auto-immune disorders (lupus, arthritis scleroderma, etc.), chemical sensitivities, food and environmental allergies, gastrointestinal-digestive problems, osteoporosis, ear & throat infections, sinusitis, childhood disease, neurodegenerative diseases (MS, dementia, Parkinson, Alzheimer, ALS), dermatitis, eczema, acne, moles and blemishes (natural, pain-free, non-surgical, non-medical, non-scarring nutrition-based removal of most skin growths and mucous membrane warts), and other internal and external health challenges. You can contact Dr. T’s office at 612-326-6839 or by email at clinic@ecopolitan.com.

*Doctor of Chiropractic: trained & board certified in the USA; graduated class valedictorian and highest scorer of a National Board Medical Science Exam in the entire history of the Chiropractic Profession in the USA – 800 of 800 possible points; licensed by the State Boards of Minnesota and Oklahoma between 1990 and 2001; retired from chiropractic in 2001 to focus on nutritional, functional, and laboratory medicine (but kept updating Minnesota license to honor the profession of chiropractic, despite the retirement from active practice); gave up (“surrendered”) this unneeded license in 2009 in order to terminate a tiring, expensive, time-consuming 3-year-long harassment by the Minnesota medical board (pressuring the chiropractic board) after helping the mentally-unhealthy adult son of a powerful medical-political woman in the House of Representatives. This Representative, who had strong ties with the psychiatric profession and supported the psychiatric drug treatment model that failed her son, was apparently threatened by the natural approach that her son adopted instead. The case was dismissed since the patient himself did not complain (only his combative mother complained!), but was strangely re-opened (an unheard-of occurrence!) 2 years later because of political pressure from the medical board (full documentation of this case available upon request, now that the patient has contacted Dr. Tel-Oren to apologize for the harm done by his mother and has given his written permission by email to expose the story, 7 years after the fact).