Instructions For Before and After Treatment

Before treatment

Please relax. The treatment is safe, effective, and essentially painless (even children and babies can handle it very well).

Show your skin growths and blemishes to the Skin Lesion Physician (SLP). You and the SLP will decide together how many lesions will be treated in one session, and which ones will be treated first. Or, if the SLP feels it’s in your best interest, he may refer you to a plastic surgeon or other skin specialists.

Specify your budget at the beginning of the visit, to accelerate the decision process regarding the number of lesions to be treated. After inspecting your skin, the physician will tell you the cost of the treatment. You can then decide whether to proceed or to modify the number of lesions slated for treatment.

If you proceed, the physician will gently apply the liquid on the growths or blemishes. Please hold still! You will feel a slight burning sensation—like a mosquito bite—lasting a few minutes.

After Treatment

First 12 hrs (minimum) to 24 hrs (best) keep the treated areas dry – no shower, creams, oils or lotions. During the first 2-3 hrs, the treated area will shrink and become pale with a red halo – blood vessels have constricted, causing the malnourished cells to die.

First 24 hours: please keep the treated area dry (no shower)! In the first 2-3 hours, the treated area will shrink and change color, usually paler with a red halo (hyperemic reaction). The blood supply to the area is constricting, causing the malnourished cells to die. After 24 hours, you can shower/rinse the scab briefly as the scab must not absorb water until it falls off (no prolonged sink, bath, swimming pool immersion). To prevent or reduce scarring, makeup must be removed briefly with minimum water!

After 3-5 days: a hard scab will form on the treated area. Do not rub, scratch, or pick it (after showering, gently pat it dry). If you pull off the scab before it is ready, a new scab will form, but healing will be delayed (with minimal scarring). If it itches, apply a cold pack or ice in a plastic bag. Keep it dry!

After 12-17 days: the scab will fall off naturally, leaving smooth new skin (flat, pigmented, deeper lesions or pre-cancerous keratoses will take much longer to fall off and may scar a bit). Any redness or discoloration will improve over time.