Dr. Gabrielle LeCompte is a licensed Acupuncturist/Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a MD who practices Integrated Medicine and BioEnergetic Medicine.

 At Integrated Healing Medicine and Wellness Center, Dr. LeCompte specializes in Functional Medicine.

Functional Medicine helps detect and identify the primary cause of illness. 

Dr LeCompte primarily focuses on chronic diseases through the use of proper detoxing using medical grade nutrition, homeopathy,  along with supporting and stabilizing mood through neurotransmitter nutrition and supplementation.

She also works on reducing the overall inflammatory response by modulating and helping to regulate the nervous system and immune system by desensitizing allergies through BioEnergetic devices. 

Other modalities include Acupuncture, Live Blood Cell Analysis and antioxidant therapy along with pain management using Scenar technology and BioResonance Desensitizing.

In addition to chronic syndromes, Dr LeCompte also has a strong desire to practice “Youth Medicine”.  She feels the term anti-aging is trying to stop the process, but rather when a person can continue to activate youth codons and maintaining an integral and balanced endocrine and immune system, a person’s body and brain/mind can continue on a paradigm that has no numerical value to it and thus aging slows dramatically.