We offer many different services at Ecopolitan.  We have skin lesion removal, spider vein removal, varicose vein and hemorrhoid treatment as well.

About all of our skin treatments we offer

Skin Lesion Removal

What are skin growths and blemishes (skin lesions) that can be removed?

Moles/Nevi: pigmented or non-pigmented protrusions (from neurological irritation or solar exposure, or affected by genetics);

Skin tags: many pigmented or non-pigmented thin-based protrusions (usually from hormonal imbalance);

Senile hemangiomas: small to large red “blood blisters” (usually from capillary fragility and damage);

Keratoses: hard scaly protrusions (many types – age, genetics, and sun related), occasionally pre-malignant;

Other lesions: xanthomas (fatty white dots/areas near eyes); warts/condylomas (genital/anal/ cutaneous), etc. Many blemishes are congenital (existing from birth) as birthmarks are—and cancer may start within them!

Why remove them?

Appearance: No scarring, pitting, or regrowth in the vast majority of cases. Excellent results on the face. Very minimal scarring with flat, deeper pigmented (riskier) lesions.

Safety: Reduced risk of skin cancer. No more watching moles for dangerous changes, when riskier, invasive, scarring procedures (that may spread cancer) become justified.

Prevention: Reduced neurological irritation to the brain and spinal cord from asymmetrical skin growths and protrusions. Skin should be smooth!

Comfort: No more catching of moles on clothing, jewelry, or combs (in scalp growths).

Convenience: Usually requires a single treatment (a few minutes). No medical facility needed. No cutting, stitching, burning, or freezing, with their risk of infection and scars. Guarantee In rare cases of regrowth or incomplete results, there is no charge for re-treatment.


How are they removed? Dr. Tel-Oren’s safe, effective acidic liquid formula is gently applied (using a wooden toothpick) onto the unwanted lesion(s), by a physician he has trained and certified in this aesthetic method. Currently, about 30 locally licensed physicians (called “Skin Lesion Physicians,” or “SLP”) are certified by Dr. Tel-Oren to perform this alternative procedure, in many states and several countries. All the SLP’s around the world are using exactly the same liquid formulas and applying them exactly as they were taught by Dr. Tel-Oren during multiple training sessions. This assures the public that appropriate, responsible clinical decisions are made in each and every case (including referral to a plastic surgeon or specialist when necessary), and ensures homogeneously satisfactory results in every skin clinic around the world.

Additional information about the liquid and its historical use is available upon request. Additionally, a science-based educational monograph discussing various skin lesions will be available soon.

As a result of applying this acidic liquid, the lesion’s nutrition is restricted because the capillaries within in constrict, leading to painless drying out and shrinking of the unwanted cells. A scab forms within a few days and drops off within a few weeks, leaving esthetically-pleasing skin. The best results are achieved with growths of any size on the face and scalp. Mild de-pigmentation (small aesthetic areas of lighter pigment) may occasionally occur on the arms, legs, & torso, especially when the lesion has deeper roots or when small, flat (but deep) melanin-containing areas are treated to eliminate future risks. Any deeper layer of pigment that might remain underneath (a rare occurrence) can be safely retreated and eliminated without risk, as no blood vessels are disrupted nor penetrated during the treatment of each layer.

This alternative method has been performed successfully during 3 decades, with more than 150,000 highly satisfied people worldwide.

Spider Vein Removal

Get rid of unsightly spider veins using non-invasive radio-frequency.

EndoVenous Radiofrequency (EVRF) gently eliminates spider veins without toxins, injections, excessive treatment, or invasive needles – a highly tolerable approach that makes other methods obsolete!

With this transcutaneous method, a fine RF needle touches the skin just above the spider vein, and RF pulses are generated along its length, causing the spider vein (up to 1mm in diameter) to instantly close permanently and disappear (in some cases, deeper veins may require a second treatment to complete the removal).

Mild redness and a small wheal remain, which disappear in the next 1 to 72 hours. Small scabs may form along the vein in some people, healing within a few weeks. See our intake form for additional details.

Spider veins (aka telangiectasia) are a sign of vascular dysfunction. Once they’re formed, it’s difficult to eliminate them even if we employ nutritional and lifestyle measures to improve vascular health (that’s because once the vein’s valves are damaged anatomically, the venous flow can’t return to normal).

Now you can eliminate the results of previous damage that was already done, without penetrating the skin! You may also email to schedule a consultation in order to improve your inner vascular health and prevent future damage.

Treatment preparation: No oil, cream, lotion on area to be treated. Area must be dry.
Aftercare: No oil, cream, lotion or sun exposure on the treated area, for 24 hours.
Time Cost
5 minutes and under $150
5-10 minutes $250
10-15 minutes $325
15-20 minutes $395
20-25 minutes $460
25-30 minutes $525

Please book appt time slot(s) for length of time you would like to reserve, depending on your budget (for a 20-25 minute session, please block 2 10-min slots). The maximum treatment time allowed is 30 minutes. In 5 minutes, an area about 3×3 inches (or more, depending on vein density) can be treated. It may take several treatments to finish removing your undesirable spider veins.

If all the desired slots seem taken, please contact the Ecopolitan Area Coordinator for your area.

Varicose Vein Removal

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Hemorrhoid Removal

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Plan For Your Visit

Day of Appointment

It is important that your skin is clean, dry, no make up, oil or sunscreen is on the area that may be treated.  You will need to keep the area DRY for 24 hrours immediately AFTER the procedure.

Forms of Payment

We take cash, checks, debit and credit cards for payment.  Please note: We do charge a 2% merchant fee for all debit and credit card payments.  We DO NOT accept HSA cards for this procedure nor do we bill insurance.  We are a non-profit organization.

Instructions Before and After Treatment

Before treatment

Please relax. The treatment is safe, effective, and essentially painless (even children and babies can handle it very well).

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